Easy access colonoscopy

Step 1


General Practitioners and Specialists can refer patients with uncomplicated medical histories to Colorectal Surgery via fax or telephone. The patient need only make one trip to the hospital where the patient will be seen by a Specialist and a colonoscopy performed.

Step 2


A positive faecal occult blood test.

A family history of bowel cancer.

A prior medical history of carcinoma or polyp and require surveillance colonoscopy.

The patient must be privately insured or be willing to pay private hospital fees.

Step 3

Phone Consultation with our Nursing team

Once the referral is seen by our surgeon, nursing staff will contact the patient directly to work out a suitable date and time for a colonoscopy and answer any questions. Patients will then be sent a set of instructions, a bowel preparation to clean the bowel out, and a patient information form via mail or email.

Step 4


On the day of your colonoscopy you will meet your surgeon prior to your procedure and they will visit you after the procedure to inform you of your results along with sending to your referring doctor.