Pelvic Floor Clinic

At Colorectal Surgery, Dr Jonathon Yong provides a specialised diagnostic service for men and women who experience pelvic floor dysfunction. With the use of sophisticated tests to evaluate, measure and assess anatomy and bowel function. 

All referrals need to be made out to Dr Yong. This Clinic is held at our North Adelaide Consulting rooms. Not every patient will require all 3 tests, this will be determined by Dr Yong. Patients will undertake a simple continence assessment questionnaire prior to the tests.

The tests include:

• Endoanal Ultrasound - This is a 3D ultrasound that provides 3D images of the muscles surrounding the anal canal.

• Anorectal Manometry - This is performed to assess the strength and function of the internal and external sphincter muscles.

• Pudendal Nerve Function Test - This is performed to assess the nerves surrounding the anal canal by measuring the nerve reaction time.